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Yasser Kashef was born in 1989, in Alexandria. He is studying English linguistics and translation in Alexandria University. Being a son for an Alexandrian mother and an Asswani father grants him a flexible character that enables him to deal with various cultures and thoughts. He started to write Arabic poems at the age of eleven. In 2008, he wrote his first English poem “Death Life” and then followed it with more than 15 poems. He won the third place in Renaissance Group Poetry Competition for his poem “Schizophrenia” in 2010. Furthermore, his poem “Africa’s Son” bestowed him the first place in the same competition in 2011. He is interested in drawing, traveling, and photographing. Sugarcane is considered as his first short story. ..
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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Sip of Vermouth

Why should I care ?
When all my needs seem to be rare 
The facts suddenly appear to be illusion 
Every day passes reveal another confusion 
Living this life becomes meaningless 
As it is full of idiocy, vulgarity and sadness 
Naively, I searched for the beauty of the soul 
Regardless to my comfort, my ideas and my goal
In childishness I thought I have found my utopia
Dreaming of a world where everybody has Atelophobia
However, all the dreams evaporate
When reality awakened me too late
Showing me the ugly truth
That my dream was a sip of vermouth

Saturday, August 11, 2012


He looked at the clock, playing with his pencil. Some doodles were the result of two hours of thinking. The poor tanned boy spent the day trying to write something unique in his zillionth try to get the rid of his eternal feeling of shame. The eternal feeling of shame is a result of skipping his classes. He knew that he is lazy, and his over-thinking made him more lazier than before. His problem was not skipping classes, but it was time. He could not meet a deadline in his life. He could not meet his friends in time. He started his final exam in the nick of time.
Time, time, time, time… a word in his mind that always does chime.
One day he decided to take a rest, a three-month rest, to avoid stress and to find his peace of mind. He turned everything off. The mobile, the internet, and the doorbell were off. He closed his eyes while listening to Piazzolla’s tango music. He slept for more than twenty hours. He woke up as if he did not sleep a wink. Was it depression? He felt it in the bones, and he had nothing to do, but sleeping. Sleeping was not the only thing to do also he quitted reading. His shelves overflew with books, hardcover and comics. He lost his interest in reading, although he was a bookworm. Was it satisfaction? He was not satisfied at all in any moment in his life.
Life, life, life, life … Let us play hide and seek and I will count to five.
He gradually started to lose his abilities, one after another. This resulted in weakening his talents. His friend told him one day: “talents need as much care as this of plants”. Each day passed, the tree of his talents lost its leaves. The tree became bald like his head in summer. The leafless tree of talents gave him no peaceful shadows, then he decided to flee from the light to find shadow, but once light was gone, darkness accompanied him well. Darkness persuaded him to sleep, to remain silent, to stick to memories, to quit reading and to quit penning. He took many decisions, inaccurate ones, which led him to be spiritless. However, the first decision that led him to this spate of decision was to take a rest.
Rest, rest, rest, rest… are you a desire or indolence request?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

الرسم بالكلمات: (Living Memories I Relish (by Yasser Taher Abbas K...

الرسم بالكلمات: (Living Memories I Relish (by Yasser Taher Abbas K...: When nostalgia gnaws at my heart, Reminding me with memories from the past It surrounds my eyes with flashbacks, Dogging my solitude when da...

Thursday, December 22, 2011


♫ ♪ “That you are not alone for I am here with you
  Though you are far away
  I am here to stay…
  You are not alone”
♫ ♪

This part of Michael Jackson’s song accompanied me for many years. I kept listening to it, as it described my status perfectly. The company of solitude needed great sacrifice. You sacrifice the warm conversations and the peaceful gatherings. You have to stick to the cold walls of your room, closing the door well. Nothing is welcomed except silence. Nobody is with you but coldness. The only voices that you can hear
are Michael’s and my heavy breath.
Solitude is watching your pale face in a cold mirror for years, unshaved and bony. Solitude is to stare at a dead butterfly kept in an empty jar, watching it loses its colors day by day. Also, it is a large album of the photos of your dears and beloved ones; some of them are far away, others are dead.
Solitude is unwashed cups of coffee on a dusty table. It is a plethora of letters to the unknown. It is a bitter taste in the mouth, which nectars cannot heal. It is a glut of imaginary friends playing hide and seek. It is a welter of sleeping pills in your stomach. Solitude is insomnia, forlornness and a zillion tries to commit suicide. 

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Charming Venus is Libra's planet 
They are independent and harder than granite 
In the zodiac list Libra is number seven
They are sensitive like the butterflies of heaven 
They are friendly, funny, open minded and just 
They like blue color and knowing them is a must 

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Num Num Num

Num  num  num
Your hazel eyes are heaven
Your beauty makes my heart drum
Num  num  num
You have all the love
So give me some
Num  num  num
Your voice is the anthem of love
So let me hum
Num  num  num
You are the secret of eternity
My life with you will be plum
Num  num  num
Num  num  num