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Yasser Kashef was born in 1989, in Alexandria. He is studying English linguistics and translation in Alexandria University. Being a son for an Alexandrian mother and an Asswani father grants him a flexible character that enables him to deal with various cultures and thoughts. He started to write Arabic poems at the age of eleven. In 2008, he wrote his first English poem “Death Life” and then followed it with more than 15 poems. He won the third place in Renaissance Group Poetry Competition for his poem “Schizophrenia” in 2010. Furthermore, his poem “Africa’s Son” bestowed him the first place in the same competition in 2011. He is interested in drawing, traveling, and photographing. Sugarcane is considered as his first short story. ..

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Friday, August 19, 2011


Birds come to land on my shoulders
Tickling me with their legs
I protect them when it comes colder
They use my straw to lay eggs
They love my earthy smell
Also my eerie silence
But they do not know
That this is my own hell
Still they do not know ...
That the straw under my hat
Always likes to move
But i do not have a tongue to chat
They do not have a mind to prove
The sky with its birds,sun and moon
The land with its plant and worms
All of them and i .sing the same tone
Enjoying the wind when it shakes my arms
If you visit green lands
You may notice me
On one leg raising two hands
I stand alone as an old tree
It is me ,the scarecrow
Half false and half true .
When i was enchanted to a vampire,
I sucked people fears and sadness.
I was successful .I was a house on fire,
Dazzling them with my braininess and madness.
They norished me with their magical quotes,
And their moony smiles light my red eyes.
I flew among their various thoughts,
And their innocent nature makes me realize:
That they are more senstive than my pale skin,
And losing them is a great damned sin.
So soon ,sleeping in coffins will end.
Forever, I will lie in a heart of a friend.
Some sane day, not too bright and not too stormy,
Not wood nor cross,but losing a buddy may kill me !
When people meet me they may confuse
The Vampire with The Scarecrow so it is hard to choose
Hence ,they say that i suffer from "Schizophrenia"
But i reply :Hey people !it is "camouflage mania" .


  1. Really like this! Well thought out and flows gracefully to it's conclusion....really got me!

  2. You made me speechless
    I am really happy for that

  3. This gives me goosebumps. It is absolutely terrific!!

  4. This gives me a motive to write with a verve
    Thank you

  5. That was haunting but very well-written. I really love ur poetry, Yasser :)

  6. Thanks dear J Elated that you love my poetry and welcomed Schizophrenia :)